The 10 Biggest Rivalries in the NFL (Part 2)

First off, Happy New Year Hiveans with what will be my last post for the year. Yesterday I posted the first part of The 10 Biggest Rivalries in the NFL which you can see here. Let's take a look at part two.

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7. Las Vegas Raiders vs. Kansas City Chiefs

The Raiders-Chiefs AFC West rivalry is one of the most bitter in the NFL going back to the days of the American Football League. The Chiefs are one of only a few teams to actually have a winning record over the Raiders. Their hatred for one another was built on iconic divisional matchups mostly throughout the 1960s and 1970s NFL teams, and the teams have derailed each others playoff ambitions, been involved in physical skirmishes and won following last minute drives during their match-ups.

In recent years the rivalry hasn't been as ferocious as it once was, and the Raiders relocation to Las Vegas may have taken a bit of tenacity out of their games. In 2020 however, the Raiders won for the first time at Arrowhead since 2012, then celebrated by taking the team bus for a stadium tour victory lap on their way to the airport. Chiefs safety Armani Watts then tweeted in 2021 that Kansas City wouldn't need to take a victory lap of Allegiant Stadium following a 41-14 win over their rivals.

6. Washington Redskins vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Washington and Philadelphia are about 135-miles apart and their NFL rivalry goes way back to 1934. Washington currently edges the Eagles in the overall series but considering the age of the rivalry, it's remarkably close. Both teams are historically successful with nine NFL championships, including four Super Bowls between them

The intensity of the rivalry was clear to see during the "Body Bag Game" in 1990. The Eagles ended up knocking out nine Redskins players during the game. Both starting and backup quarterbacks would leave the field and rookie running back Brian Mitchell would have to finish the game. It contributed to the institution of the 'third quarterback rule', where a quarterback would be suited up in addition to the 45-man game day roster, a rule in place until 2011 when the game day roster was increased to 46.

5. Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles

The Cowboys-Eagles rivalry is a battle between NFC East heavyweights and is a regular primetime feature game. The teams first met in 1960 but it wasn't until the 1980s when the teams began to hate each other, coinciding with the Eagles becoming one of the better teams in the league. The two have fought bitterly over the years.

The 'Bounty Bowl' was played between the teams in 1989, when Dallas head coach Jimmy Johnson accused the Eagles of placing bounties on Cowboys’ players. Philly fans didn't like the accusations and began throwing objects at Dallas players and coaches when the teams met.

Then in 1999, Cowboys' three-time Super Bowl wide receiver Michael Irvin went down with a career ending injury, which Eagles fans cheered. The Cowboys hold the advantage over the Eagles in terms of wins both regular and postseason.

4. Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Football Teams

The NFC East delivers one of the fiercest rivalries between the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Football Team, despite the fact the franchises haven't been good at the same time for quite some time. Since the Cowboys joined the league in 1960, both teams have dominated the NFC East and they've won eight Super Bowls between them.

Back in 1958, the Washington franchise was almost sold to Dallas oil tycoon Clint Murchison Jr. before Washington owner George Preston Marshall backed out of the deal. Murchison Jr. then bought the rights to the music from the "Hail to the Redskins" fight song in retaliation, holding it to ransom and threatening to prevent use unless Marshall backed an expansion franchise in Dallas.

...I'll be back next year (tomorrow) with the final part of the 10 Biggest Rivalries in the NFL. Who's on your list?


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